Thursday, September 24, 2009

In Flagranti Videos

In Flagranti's cosmic disco sleaze is culled first and foremost from their music, but almost as important to their mystique is their visual aesthetic. Pulled from cutout bins and flea markets across New York City, bits of sexual ephemera are pulled from now ancient magazines and VHS tapes, creating a new world where 70's laser enveloped aerobics teachers are trying to seduce you. Here are a few of my favorite videos.

In Flagranti's contribution earlier this year to the RVNG edit series was RVNG of the NRDS Vol. 8, and features edits of both KISS and Slade. Glam rock pay-dirt!

Recently, In Flagranti remixed NYC's The Glass. I've been playing their version of "Wanna Be Dancin'" quite a bit, and this tripped out video helps explain why.

"Business Acumen" is spy-theme for porno, played by Soulwax and reissued on Kitsuné with a Holy Ghost! cover version.

And for the excellent "Grand Central Shuttle" twelve inch, they use clips of a broadcast of Playboy's roller disco/PJ party from 1979. with news flash & commercials courtesy of Minneapolis' own KSTP!

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