Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Flagranti FACT Mix

FACT Magazine has steadily become one of the leading media sources for electronic music fans, so it makes sense they would tap In Flagranti for a feature. The upcoming TML guests recently recorded a special DJ mix just for FACT. It showcases recent In Flagranti original work, remixes, and edits, including music from Yuksek, The Breeders, Killing Joke, Temptaions, and more! Check it out and get ready for their DJ set this Saturday at TML.
FACT Mix 54: In Flagranti [download]

Medieval Pundits Atomizer (In Flagranti Mix)
In Flagranti - Svelte Blonde
Glitter Band (In Flagranti Edit)
Yuksek (In Flagranti Mix)
Temptations / Glass House (In Flagranti Edit)
BEF / Money (In Flagranti Edit)
Fancy Beat - Funk In (Telespazio Remix)
Supercycle - No Kitty Bad Kitty
Sweet Louise (In Flagranti Edit)
YACHT - Summer Song
Smoke and Mirrors Nearly There Break
Roy Ayers (In Flagranti Edit)
Timo Maas Break
Glitter Band (In Flagranti Edit)
Killing Joke (In Flagranti Edit)
Breeders - Cannonball (In Flagranti Edit)
Fad Gadget - Pedestrian (In Flagranti Edit)
Romeo Void (In Flagranti Edit)

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