Friday, August 21, 2009

Nacho Lovers Interview

To get prepped for his appearance at TML tomorrow, I asked Scott a few questions about Nacho Lovers.

Who are Nacho Lovers?
Nacho Lovers are Andrew Ross and Scott Seewhale. Andrew is from Toronto, Scott is from Hamilton (Canada).

When and where did you start DJing? Where do you play now?
Started collecting records in the 90s. Started playing out seriously 2002/2003 - We have a few residencies between us in Toronto which include Wrongbar, and Drake Hotel.

Describe your sound in five words or less.

Can you tell us about what projects you have coming up?
We are hard at work on quite a few original tunes. They are covering a much wider range of style then what we have put out up to this point. These tracks should start making there way in Autumn.

Five of your favorite tracks to play out lately?Santos - Hold Home
Rolling - Zero Time
Kenton Slash Demon - Khattabi
Pitto - FeelinTim Green - Bee Layin

Drink of choice?
a tall glass of OJ

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