Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Brent Tactic

This Saturday, Too Much Love has Brent Tactic coming in to drop a special guest DJ set. Brent is part of Kansas City duo Tactic, who have rocked TML twice before and always bring a mad party, and also runs dance label Think 2wice Records. I asked Brent a few questions before he drops in to First Ave this weekend.

Who is Brent Tactic?

Just a dude who loves good music, loves playing good music and loves putting good music out.

When and where did you start DJing? Where do you play now?

Got my tables for Christmas of 2000 while I was in college and have been addicted ever since. I have a couple residencies in Kansas City and always trying to play in other cities and lay down my sound. Minneapolis here I come!

Describe your sound in five words or less.

Banging. Sexy. Futuristic. Fun. Tasty.

Can you tell us a bit about Think 2wice and what projects you have coming up?

Think 2wice is a label I started with Ben Tactic (other half of Tactic). Lot's of home grown KC/Lawrence talent like Norrit, DJ B-Stee, Thunderous Olympian, Potions (watch the fuck out for this kid), etc. But we're branching out to the west coast and overseas. Just dropped an ep from Phosho (aka SALVA) from San Fransisco that's on a futuristic flip of some old school electro. New EPs coming from Gavin Burrows, Tactic, Potions, Norrit, and many many more.

Five of your favorite tracks to play out lately?

1. Joker - Do It
2. Tactic - Down
3. Phosho ft. Cerebral Vortex - Control (DJ B-Stee Remix)
4. Armand Van Helden - Illin It N Fillin It (Starkey Remix)
5. Dubbel Dutch - Neva Let You Go

And finally, your drink of choice?

Give me a shot of Maker's and I'll be your friend, maybe for life.

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