Friday, June 19, 2009

Who is Naughty Wood?

Tomorrow I'm joined by my good friend Naughty Wood on the decks at Too Much Love. In anticipation of his set, I asked him a few questions.

Who is Naughty Wood?
Naughty Wood is a Minneapolis based electronic music artist, Disc Jock, Singer/Songwriter and Composer.

When and where did you start DJing? Where do you play now?
I started spinning records and producing my own dance parties in the late 90's.
Over the last six months I've hosted a couple late night exclusives and rocked a wedding party on a Sunday night for Denial [ed note: I can verify that].

Can you tell us a bit about Nation and what you have coming up?
Yes, good question! Nation is an exclusive dance beyond dance label founded by the artist Traxx from Chicago.
The releases are limited to 500 copies vinyl only. At the moment I'm promoting the release of Nation 006 where I did some vocal production on a track entitled Sikk Truth by Villan-X. Other than that, I'm programming in the studio everyday. You'll hear some new pieces of mine on Saturday!

Five of your favorite tracks to play out lately?
Mutant Beat Dance- In a Daze feat Eric D. Clark (Discos Capablanca)
JTC Feat. Rodger Devine - Monolith (Nation 006)
In Flagranti/Holy Ghost! - Business Acumen (Kitsuné)
Nancy Fortune- The secret life of Nancy Fortune (Viewlexx)
Hercules & Love Affair - Blind - Frankie Knuckles remix (DFA)

And finally, your drink of choice?
Cristal Champagne 2002


  1. Damn! So wish I could make this! Next time...

  2. Dang! So sorry I couldn't make this! Next time...