Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Hood Internet Returns

[Facebook Event]

This Saturday, Too Much Love is graced with the return of DJ STV SLV from the Hood Internet. For those of you unaware, the Hood Internet is the blog that single-handedly revived the dying mash-up genre. Usually pairing mainstream hip-hop heroes with big names of indie rock, Hood Internet tracks are always fresh, funny, and fun to dance to.

Besides posting a steady stream of new tracks on their blog, the Hood Internet is also an impressive DJ team. Last time STV SLV was at TML, he stepped outside the typical mash-up box and rocked the club, taking their aesthetic of contrasts to a new level, with a set of all kinds of music. Head to First Ave on Saturday and you won't be disappointed.

For a taste, check out the latest Hood Internet mixtape at their website.

Also, I couldn't resist posting these pull quotes from their MySpace, haha:
"It's obvious the dudes have taste and know how to pick 'em." –Gorilla vs. Bear

"Unlikely mash-ups that work improbably well." –Blender Magazine

"The Hood Internet breathes new life into a tired form." –Chicago Reader

"Weirdly, it works." –New York Magazine's Vulture

"If you haven't bookmarked The Hood Internet yet, you're missing out on some daily, unpredictable entertainment." –USA Today's Pop Candy

"A brilliant concoction of deceptively simple yet innovative party starters." –Dazed & Confused

"Fully formed and wholly inventive mash-ups." –The Onion

"Ooooookaaaaay." –Fader

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