Friday, May 15, 2009


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Minneapolis DJ and producer Gigamesh joins me for Too Much Love this Saturday. Known chiefly for his productions with the DiscoTech outfit, Matt aka Gigamesh answered a few quesitons as a preview of his DJ set tomorrow. Also, check out his latest mix here.

Who is Gigamesh?
A musician from south Minneapolis with big dreams. More specifically, he is 1/3 of the DJ/production team DiscoTech.

When and where did you start DJing and/or producing? Where do you play now?
Started doing both during early high school (Waconia HS, Minnesota), but temporarily stopped DJing during college because I decided it wasn't for "serious" musicians. I've since come to my senses. [I play] mostly around the twin cities, but occasionally the greater Midwest.

Describe your sound in five words or less.
Krinking, Sips, Krunkle-Kick, Richardson Richardson

How would you say production and DJing influence each other?
DJing has had a big influence on how I make music, mainly because it forces me to think "how is this going to stay DJ/dancefloor-friendly without being too boring or repetitive?"

Five of your favorite tracks to play out lately?
Tiga - Shoes (especially the original and Mr. Oizo remix)
Radiohead - Everything in its Right Place (Gigamesh Remix)
Todd Rivers - One Track Lover (Synthia Remix)
Señor Stereo feat. Look Book - Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight
PNAU - Baby (Breakbot Remix)...a little old, but always good

And finally, your drink of choice?
Grain Belt Premium (Minnesota love!)

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  1. dude looks like dolf lundgren in this pic!!